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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

The whole film. To be more specific:

-I enjoyed the characterization of Rhodey in this film: Cheadle gave a great performance and the character was written with a sense of humor,
unlike Iron Man 2.
-Rebecca's Hall's performance: I thought her interaction with Tony was great.
-Killian's arc: even with his post-prologue actions in consideration, I did feel bad for him. Even though I never invested in celebrity worship, one of the people I deeply respected turned out to be a pure scumbag this past year, which was something of a downer. With that noted, Pearce's Killian is the best villain Iron Man has had thus far. The next person has a large set of shoes to fill.
-I am agreement with the above posters: it was nice to have a multi-state narrative, especially with the Southern states included.
-The return to the Cave: I really enjoyed Tony having to fight his own battle, instead of SHIELD and the Avengers becoming plot conveniences, or worse, Deus Ex Machina.
-The Wormhole's Effect on Tony: it was a nicely written and performed.
-The abundance of dragon imagery on/with the Mandarin. Loved it.
-The Bern Conference.

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