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Default Re: The 'The Wolverine' Box Office Prediction Thread

Your still making a lot of assurances.Iron Man 3's box office tells us all that
the general audence viewed The Avengers as Iron Man and his amazing friends.
It was always the one film before the avengers sequel that was going to be big.

Thor doesn't have Robert Downey JR.It's overopstimetic to think every marvel film will do Avengers business.That's way It's going to be Intresting to see if disney pays him the fortune to do The Avengers sequel.

Your being way too overconfident for Man of steel.Batman begins and The
Amazing Spider-Man didn't get that much for their reboots.Granted batman
didn't have 3-d to help.In past Batman and Spider-man have been more popular than Superman.Some are expecting a dark knight response when It will probally be more batman begins response.

My feeling especilly so far with the wolverine's poor marketing the best I can see The Wolverine Is aroun 180 million domesticly.Overseas it is different story.First Class made 206 million overseas and I think The Wolverine can defently beta that due to having hugh Jackman as star.

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