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Default Re: Why Mark Ruffalo?

I prefer edward Norton as banner.He and mark Ruffalo are both oscar nominated
actors so It's not a hwo Is better actor debate for me.Banner was better written
In the Incredible Hulk.I was very disappointed how Joss whedon wrote banner
In the avengers.He came off way too much like David Banner from 1970's
TV show for me.He was way too much In control.That's defeats the purpose
of doing hulk If he's In control.I never liked the whole he's always angry bit.
Norton was very much the 616 Banner brought to life.Yeah the origin was cross
between TV show and ultimates but beside that It was banner I wanted to see
which Is why I was so thrilled back when Norton was announced for The Incredible Hulk.

If they are Intent with keeping the whole Banner Is always angry angle then I
am fine with Banner/Hulk only In Avengers sequels and possibly appearances
In other solo films
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Such as his post credit's scene In Iron Man 3

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