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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Few thoughts:

The Alex Ross look has never been a favorite of mine. He's a great artist but his work is good example of why a direct translation of comic to film won't work for me. The look of his work is meant to instill a golden age nostalgia, which is fine but I think a more modern design for Batman is needed.

That being said I too would like to for them to get away from the rubber suits. I think a big part of that came from as another poster mentioned, trying to keep the cowl shape defined. If Batmans ears are just a little off centered, he's gonna look silly. I think Batman looks amazing at times in BB but the suit just looks like a rubber wetsuit, there's no reason he couldn't' have been wearing a heavy clothe armor and looked as intimidating. It's the scene with Lucius describing what the suit is that sells the audience on what the suit is and what it can take. There's no way anyone would see a still of that suit and think it's bullet proof. TDK on the other had might have corrected that a bit, it looks much more armored. But at the same time the suit is over designed which goes against the practical aesthetic the film has. It has unnecessary details and in the legs and illogical articulation points. The point is that Nolan simply liked that design and we're told it is bullet proof and gives Batman more mobility, so we believe it is bullet proof in the context of the film. The same would go for any other batsuit.

Also, I think white eyes might work for certain occasions like scaring criminals but for live action it's important to see the actors eyes. In the comics Batman's cowl and eye shape can change to show emotion, not so on film unless the director were to do something similar to Rorschach in Watchmen.

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