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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

Please no Red Hood, please no Al Ghul's. I don't want to see ANY of that in the reboot. If Bale's not coming back, it's going to be rebooted and im sure Bruce will be younger. So maybe Dick Grayson is already Robin or maybe Dick is only introduced in a sequel. But no Nightwing or multiple Robins for starters.

Make the first movie like Arkham Origins (Black Mask, Penguin) and make Arkham Asylum the sequel (Strange, Riddler, and other various rogues). Joker can have cameos, small roles throughout the new trilogy.

"Guys, what would be your reaction if Alfred was Batgirl in this movie? You go watch the movie, everything cool, halfway through, Alfred becomes Batgirl."
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