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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Easter Egg Thread

Originally Posted by The Caped Knight View Post
That was also my thinking as well.
You guys are correct it is fin gang foom. Here is drew Pearce and Shane black talking about it and mandarins cape:Because Fin Fang Foom has been hinted at in the other films, did you have any thoughts of putting Fin Fang Foom into it?

Drew: I think we toyed around with it at some points.

Shane: Well, the chest is Fin Fang Foom...

Drew: And on the inside of his cape-

Shane: But that's not really in the movie, it's more in the trailer.

Drew: It isn't!?

Read more at http://www.**************.com/fansit...J0gdYWMKVZB.99

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