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Default Re: Marvel Looking into Female Characters

Originally Posted by Jake Cassidy View Post
^ I think blalex620 was talking about Carol's rogue's gallery as being non-existent.

As you pointed out, Spider-Woman has great villains/allies. She's also connected to Hydra and High Evolutionary (like Wanda and Pietro). Bringing here into the MCU would be very easy.

As for Ms. Marvel, who owns the rights to the Shi'ar? If it's Marvel than they've got Deathbird.
Oh sorry, must've misread.

Spider-Woman would fit into both the spy and supernatural genres that Marvel seems to be developing.

I also forgot about the Needle, Tick Tock and Dansen Macabre in her rogue's gallery. They, along with the Brothers Grimm, Tatterdemalion (who did feature in that prison story in Spider-Woman but wasn't a main villain), Gypsy Moth and Hangman were all led by the Shroud (and assisted by Werewolf by Night) as members of the supervillain team The Night Shift (where Shroud was posing as one to keep an eye on them).

The Night Shift (who are almost like Spider-Woman's equivalent of the Sinister Six) could fit into a Midnight Sons movie, now that Marvel has Ghost Rider and Blade back in their fold, and since they battled them in the comics.

And then of course there's Tigra. How could I forget her as one of Jessica's biggest allies?

I'd say Jessica has the best rogues gallery out of the Marvel females.

So yeah, I think Spider-Woman has a wealth of material to bring to the table with all her connections, rogues gallery, allies etc. Possibly the most material out of the choices in the poll.

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