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Default Re: Marvel Looking into Female Characters

Originally Posted by Jake Cassidy View Post
The funny thing is, if you look at Ms. Marvel's history she's more tied to the X-Men than to the Avengers. Her biggest enemies were Mystique, Deathbird and Rogue. After Rogue stole her powers she lived with the X-Men. When she became Binary she joined the Starjammers. She fits in better with the X-Men, imo.
I wouldn't say she fits in better with the X-Men but she's had a great run with them. Personally, i like her with the Avengers now, this run is what got me into the character now.
I think she's not with FOX because she's not a mutant. However, no one's ever asked Feige about her so for all we know FOX maybe be able to use her in some capacity like calling her Binary and not Ms Marvel and not using her name or something like that.

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