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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

Everything everyone is saying here is on point. I won't repeat anything unnecessarily. But I would like to highlight one of my favorite aspects of the movie, which is the use of Eiffel 65's "Blue" in the opening.

I don't even particularly like the song itself, but its placement was brilliant here. Tonally, it was great. RDJ's rambling narration, ending with "Let me start over", and transitioning into the opening bars of "Blue" gave me chills.

It's such a bold, unexpected, idiosyncratic choice for a movie like this—a cheesy, outdated, basically crap bugglegum pop song for a hypermasculine superhero action movie with a notoriously hard-to-please fanbase—but it worked perfectly, at establishing the setting of the 1999 flashback, the emotional context of Tony's character for the film as a whole, and the tone for Shane Black's directorial voice for the film—it actually felt to me like Black was reaching out of the screen and saying "This is not going to be your run-of-the-mill, autopilot superhero sequel."

It was a risky move with a distinct personal stamp, perfect for a distinctly personal movie filled with the riskiest creative choices of any Marvel film so far.

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