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Default Re: Who is hotter Pepper or Maya?

Originally Posted by ThatDamnNinja View Post
Guys, did you all even watch the same movie that I did?

After Pepper is given the Extremis treatment, she is targeted by one of Tony's AI-powered suits, which have been programmed to attack anything matching the Extremis heat signature—we're talking in the thousands of degrees Celsius, and hot enough to cleave straight through an armor composed, presumably, of a gold titanium alloy.

Though it's never explicitly discussed, Maya Hansen appears to have no heat powers at all, and can be assumed to have a standard human body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

If you want to strictly compare Maya with pre-Extremis Pepper (which is not suggested by the original post, which uses a screenshot of Pepper from the climax), then it's quite likely that any difference in body temperatures between the two would be negligible, unless Maya was running a fever at some point during the film, which is possible, but not at all supported by evidence in the film.

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