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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I hope after DOFP they just move on to the future.

For me, the ship has sailed for the sequels for First Class, like showing the younger version of Scott, Jean and Ororo. If they really wanted to make a trilogy out of the cast of First Class, they wouldn't bring back the original cast and they would have brought back the majority of the cast of First Class.

And I just can't imagine FOX not bringing back Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and the other present X-Men after this one especially if DOFP turned out to be a huge hit.
How do you figure? I seriously doubt Fox can retain this cast for multiple pictures. It's a miracle that they are coming back to begin with. It worked out for the simple fact that it was Singer and reuniting with the old gang was the selling point. I don't think they had 2-3 more pictures in mind. Probably Jackman's last outing, unless The Wolverine is a big hit and they make another solo movie. I still want to see Omega Red.

I think the next phase will be to retcon the OT with a new trilogy. But with the current FC roster, you don't waste that talent. Make at least one more sequel, and maybe in another 10-15 years, the FC cast can grow into their roles a lot better for another go around. As unlikely as that would be, it's more likely than picking up with more ensemble movies with the OT cast.

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