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Default Re: Ghost Rider is back at Marvel Studios!

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
This is fantastic news for so many reasons!

1) They can now use Mephisto for an Infinity Gauntlet adaptation (Avengers 3: preferably a three part trilogy)
2) Midnight Sons movie which will almost certainly beat any stalled WB/DC Justice League Dark movie to the punch!

Ghost Rider
Werewolf by Night
Dr. Strange
3) Perhaps a Hearts of Darkness movie (GR, Punisher, Wolverine) with Blade replacing Wolverine?
4) Anything's better than Sony's two POS!

Maybe it's time to bring Spidey into the fold?

Only three left: Spidey, FF, and X-Men!
I mentioned in another thread that if Marvel lauched Spider-Woman either on the small screen or big screen, a number of her supernatural rogues gallery and allies would fit right into a Midnight Sons movie.

Those rogues in particular are: The Needle, Tick Tock, Gypsy Moth, Hangman, Brothers Grimm, Dansen Macabre and Tatterdemalion.

And the allies in particular are The Shroud and Werewolf by Night.

Sound like any super villain team to you?

The Nightshift, who battled the Midnight Sons.

And Spider-Woman's arch nemesis, Morgan Le Fay ended up as a Dr Strange, Iron Man and Avengers enemy too.

If members of the Nightshift were introduced individually on the small screen, they could ultimately team up and find themselves in battle with the Midnight Sons on the big screen.

Marvel have everything there, with the addition of Ghost Rider and Blade, to make this possible.

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