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Default Re: Five things you DON'T want in 'The Wolverine'

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
I don't want to see too much focus on this concept of Wolverine losing his healing factor.

He's supposed to be a tough as nails loner. Not some guy walking around saying "woe is me, I'm going to live forever, wah".

Wolverine without his healing factor is just stupid!!!!!
It's seems like it's going to be a pretty big focus since it is the focus of the trailer and has been brought up in several interviews.

I just think it's a cliche plot device...I'd rather see an interesting villain and plot that could offer a real challenge to Wolverine. Not just be a challenge when Wolverine is weakened.

And given how powerful Wolverine's healing factor has been portrayed it doesn't really make sense that a serum or device planted inside him can undo his healing.

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