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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by Moonwing View Post
Being on/off is totally o.k. in my eyes for couple that is immortal. Fidelity is not a thing for the beings that have such a long life span. It does not mean they are not loved each other or something. At least Sif have time needed for Thor to find his interest for her again and visa/versa. Jane does not have this time – she just a mortal-dust on the winds of time. And if she is made immortal some time down the road she will lose her humanity and become just as Sif in a sense of on/off with Thor.
Lets be real here this romance, no matter how beautiful and romantic (for some-not to me-I hate human/non human love trope with passion) is doomed.
What will happen to Thor when he'd loose his most important connection to Midgard?

I think they might end the Thor / Jane relationship. The reason Sif is in love with him now unlike the first movie... could be a) They want to replace Jane with Sif or Jane will die. b) They simply want to level up the love relationship with a triangle.

Depending on how they'd do a Thor / Sif relationship, I'd be ok. I'd be 100% ok with a love triangle.... Also looking forward to Enchantress ruining Thor's relationship any time soon

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