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Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Thor's depowering goes back way before Quesada. I personally attribute it to two things: 1) his being an Avenger for so long and 2) the rise in the Hulk's popularity.
I know this topic is vintage now, but I HAD to ask... The Hulk is actually....... POPULAR??

As for the VS fights... I never understood why Hulk is winning just every damn time. Once I read that Stan Lee created Thor after he had created the strongest beeing in the MU. He needed someone who would match Hulk's strength... someone comparable to Superman. Thor was born! And here comes my biggest complain, while Hulk is dumb as a slice of bread most of the time, his only power is strenght. Thor is about a few thousand years old, means proven in battles and EXTREMELY experienced! His strength is close to the Hulk's too. Yet, he never wins? Not just ONCE?! So frustrating -_-

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