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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

It's not what im interested in seeing FeedOn, but it's probably what they'll do. Riddler is great for marketing as well. I would prefer an Arkham: Origins type of situation at first. Establish Black Mask and Penguin as competitors. You have Penguin who is a huge villain to all audiences and the obscure one, Black Mask, to the GA.

Then lead to a spin on the whole Arkham Asylum concept, for the sequel.

That sounds more interesting to me. Riddler makes sense to zone in on the detective skills and Riddlers good to get people's asses in the seats. He's also due for a reinvention on film. I get it, but im afraid it's going to be way too predictable to me. I really want to see Batman's detective skills AND him going fighting henchmen or assassins in the first movie.

That's why I suggest Black Mask and Penguin. You get fresh & familiar at the same time. Plus im a bigger fan of Penguin than Riddler.

AA as a sequel would be pretty damn cool. They can introduce Dick Grayson somewhere in the story too. But as for Arkham's villains? Riddler, Strange with appearances by Joker/Harley, Croc, Scarecrow, Calendar Man, Ventriloquist, etc.

3rd the beginning of the bat-family. Robin, etc. Maybe a Court of Owls/Night of Owls storyline.

Then the trilogy is over with Bruce as Batman in his prime. Fast forward, launch a Batman Beyond film. Mr. Freeze is the villain up against Terry.

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