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Default The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it?

So, just for clarification, the Mandarin referred to in this thread title is not just the one played by Ben Kingsley (who is actually playing an actor named Trevor Slattery), but also the REAL Mandarin in the movie, Aldrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce).

So...a quick rundown of how the Mandarin is handled in this film (at least as far as I understand it)...

Aldrich Killian is humiliated by Tony Stark in 1999, and goes on to create the AIM organization in public and the Ten Rings terrorist organization in private. He does this in an effort to control demand and supply on both sides of a general war on terrorism by weaponizing the human body with Extremis to fight terrorists (?).

Killian also creates a persona called "the Mandarin" that will act as the head of his terrorist organization and hired drunken, but gifted actor Trevor Slattery to play the part. He outfits Trevor with robes and rings, and writes the words he will speak. For all intents and purposes, the bearded Mandarin in the terrorist videos is a puppet, and Killian is pulling the strings.

In fact, Killian has injected himself with Extremis, and has gained superpowers as a result. With his glowing dragon tattoo, he exclaims in the end that he himself is actually the Mandarin...which would in turn make Ben Kingsley's Mandarin something of a facade.

So what's your opinion on the Mandarin in Iron Man 3?

*This thread is something of a rebirth of the "twist of Mandarin" thread...just with everyone posting SPOILERS in SPOILER TAGS or BLACKOUT TEXT...and a less spoilery title! :)

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