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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
Thor gets stuck with Sif which has always flopped hence why they are on and off every other year. Also, 'Thor's true love', no. Thor's emotional punching bag and perpetual runner up. Yes.

Lose the biggest actress on your books and your lead for an actress with no successful roles where she has been a lead and who doesn't have any name recognition.

Haha, okay. I'm sure Portman's a huge draw for people who would never have watched Thor's movies otherwise. Regardless, I still would be cool with Jane dying. Although I could just as easily see them going the comic route and placing Jane in mortal danger, only to have Sif demonstrate her love for Thor by sacrificing herself to save Jane. Either one would be a good ending to the love triangle they seem to be hinting at in the trailer and would introduce a lot of drama into Thor's story.

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