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Default Re: Marvel Looking into Female Characters

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
You're off to a good start. The cast I'd have:
  • Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel II - Our dark horse star, knows how to be a by the book her, her new relationship forces her to break that mold
  • Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel I - Love Interest, classic alien hero, but deconstructed, since he's dying.
  • Michael "Ace" Rossi - Danvers' old flying buddy, Mar-Vell's rival love interest, rogueish in a bad way
  • Nick Fury or Hawkeye or Black Widow or Maria Hill or Falcon or Coulson- SHIELD personnel, MCU expository through line. May also be rival/obstructive at some point.
  • Ronan The Accuser - Either the main villain or the cliffhanger villain.
  • Yon-Rogg - Mar-Vell's professional rival who most viciously reacts to Mar-Vell's betrayal.
  • Sentry 459 - Technically a character, albeit, not one with an actor per se

She doesn't have a 'homegirl' character but Widow or Maria Hill could technically play that kind of role for her, and perhaps they should. You could bring in Abigail Brand for that purpose too if you like, that might be interesting.
Fascinating. Do you have some sort of idea about which cast you would choose? I think I can think of a few good Ms Marvels, it's just Mar-vell I get stuck on (and the director)

Originally Posted by Red Mask View Post
I'd prefer someone older for Jennifer Walters. Younger actresses don't convey a very mature sense of humor.
I agree. I tend to think of female Avengers as being a bit older and more experienced than the whelp on the street sort of thing. They're not the kind of woman who wander around all angsty. They know what they want, they're good at what they do and they just go for it.

She Hulk is such a great role for someone I think. Half Wonder Woman, Half Bridget Jones and a dash of Ally McBeal. As soon as more of the female demographic know about her she'll be mainstream and a superstar so fast Marvel's heads will spin!

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