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Default Re: The Official Scarlet Witch Thread

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
I wonder if they'll do some location shoots in Romania for Wundagore Mountain? I was just googling Romania and they seem to have such beautiful mountains.

EDIT: By the way it's funny you should mention Michelle. Wasn't her co-star Jessica Brown Findlay a runner up for Agent 13 in Captain America? Also Marvel rarely give up on a co-star if they like what they see.

And didn't Jon Favreau say 'pay attention to the scene Happy Hogan is watching in Iron Man 3. It was chosen for a reason' and did it not, and my memory may be fooling me, feature Jessica Brown Findlay?

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Let's keep an eye on this
The scene from Downton did feature Findlay, but Favreau's reason for pointing it out had nothing to do with the actors. It was the story he was referring to.

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