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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Hopefully they show that Jane was just his "gateway drug" into humanity, if you will. In the comics, the things that keep him on Earth are 1) his mother is Gaea, the goddess of Earth, 2) humanity's spirit and bravery in the face of their tiny lifespans impresses him, and 3) he feels a kinship with Earth because his life as Don Blake is still a big part of him. The movies already eliminate #3 right off the bat, and I doubt they'll ever get into enough backstory to establish #1. So that leaves #2, which would be easily established: just drop a line in about how he's met mortals of surprising valor and courage in the Avengers and wishes to aid them in their cause. That would make sense with his warrior heritage, too, since the Asgardians are essentially protectors by nature (especially in the movies).

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