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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

1. The potential future usage of the Mandarin. I don't mind the twist, but I am upset with the wasted potential of a lasting villain/nemesis.

2. Shying away from the "magic" rings. They could have easily made them work, whether it was magic or tech. We have Thor and aliens established in this universe now, so I don't see the problem.

3. The development of Vanko, and then killing him off. Again, wasted potential.

4. Really no use of WM in IM3. Rhodey continuously feels like he gets the shaft in these films when it comes to armoring up. The final fight in IM2 was fine, but I was expecting the same if not more butt kicking from him this time around.

5. Lack of specific armor usage for special situations. It was great that we had 42 suits, but I would have liked to see them used for what they were designed for at some point, even if it was in a news clip or something. We could have had Tony in the Underwater armor in the Avengers installing the Stark Tower arc, stealth suits for spying, or seen a brief glimpse of Tony helping rescue people with the Red Snapper; something along those lines.

6. Lack of rock in IM3. A small complaint, but we're so used to it with Tony in the previous films, and now nothing here.

The series has been fine otherwise for me.

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