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What some are forgetting If the sentinles come into being post trilogy before
time travel happen.So something In 1973 before the time travel sets In motion
the events that will ultimetly leads to sentinles post trilogy+The Wolverine.

My thinking It could be during time Nixon and all that was going on at ime In X-Men version of 1973 secret weapons That can be used against mutants.
If Peter Dinklage Is playing Boliver Trask he could be key figure In devolping these weapons and one that he devolps Is early plans for sentinles.Mystique
could be undercover and discover these weapons being devolped.Perhapes
before the time travel Magneto launches attack on washington that kills
Trask,escaletes the weapon X project,and helps set up 1:The push for registration act and 2:Stryker's homicadle plans

If they want to tie In the cure perhapes after learning the cure was only tempory a radical group got ahold of Trask's plans that was unable to be built with 1970's technolgy and then build them with more present technology.

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