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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Hugh Jackman In Interview already hinted at being open to a future film.When the cast singed on for DOFP Fox may have signed them for another film In their contract neogrations.These cast emmebers all look good.Plus Bryan Singer seems to have idas for future of series and It's known him directing got a lot of OT cast members excited about

I really think DOFP will be end of First Class cast In franchise.they already dropped majority of first Class cast except for the surviving big 4(If Shaw hadn't been killed I would add Kevin bacon to 5 major players of first class) It really seems like with all this
talk of correcting things they want to get series back to promise it had after X2 only with spending more money than Fox was willing to at the time and embrace more comic booky elements as they have been doing with First Class,DOFP,and even the Wolverine.

If Disney can get Harrison Ford back as Han Solo for Star wars episode VII when he has clearly made It known he doesn't think as highly of SOlo as he does Indiana Jones you should not rule out getting OT cast members for more post DOFP.

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