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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Easter Egg Thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Then again, if they'd closed it with "IRON MAN WILL RETURN," the conspiracy theorists would be out in full force saying "oh, notice they didn't say TONY STARK will return....I bet Pepper or Rhodey is going to be the new Iron Man rawr rawr rawr "

Best thing to do is to not overanalyze it anywhere past "Yes, this franchise is still going strong, and yes, so is Avengers. We're still sorting out RDJ's contract, but everything is still on the table."
Good point, but now conspiracy theorists are out there saying "oh, notice they didn't say IRON MAN will return... blah blah blah"

This particular discussion does remind me of Feige's comments about the character being like James Bond, that eventually different actors will step into the role and continue the franchise. Remember that the later Bond movies have simply said "James Bond Will Return" during their end credits (due to the name of the next movie no longer being known). I think it's appropriate that they identify Tony Stark by name here, sort of paralleling what they do with 007.

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