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Default Re: Your Biggest Superhero Movie Pet Peeves

I feel the only Superhero movie that didn't need an origin was The Amazing Spiderman. I don't get what's your problem with origin stories with the exception of Spiderman in which i can understand it was redundant and totally unnecessary. In Batman Begins i feel what makes the movie so good and different i the fact that the Origin story and the hero not wearing the costume is a big part of the movie. In Iron Man you needed it and it wasn't boring and in Man of Steel obviously we are getting a different take on Superman's origins and im sure its good to have an origin for Sups for the newer audience. Yes everyone knows who Sups is but not everyone knows his story pre-tights.

Anyway. On Topic

Damsel in Distress is really stale and just now right.
Race changes i agree although i don't mind some (like Perry White played by Fishburne or Ras Al Ghoul being Asian and American instead of Arab)

and most importantly Studios making the movies and Studios putting people who don't care enough for the Comics in charge of the production or direction (Martin Campbell for GL)(Tim Burton for Batman Returns)(Joel Schumacher for BF and B&R) of them and Studios making unnecessary sequels/remakes due to popularity (Iron Man 2, TASM)

The first one rarely works (Bryan Singer doing Xmen) most of the times talented people fail(Singer again) because they create their own thing in their minds which may seem cool to them but its not cool for the character, for the GA and for the fans.

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