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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 2

Somewhat on topic, I posted this observation earlier on the Daft Club forums and thought I'd share here as well. Apparently Daft Punk have taken a departure from their roots and gone with a 'no samples' approach to their upcoming album, deciding instead to produce everything from scratch with live instruments. They got into some specifics in one of their interviews and apparently employed pedal steel guitar to achieve some of the desired synth sounds without the use of an actual synthesizer. Here's what they say (poorly translated using Google translate):

We love the pedal-steel guitar: an instrument very strange sound, air, between the guitar and synthesizer.
This immediately reminded me of Hans' comments regarding his use of pedal steel guitars on the MOS soundtrack:

What you think of as synth sounds are 8 pedal steel guitars. Best organic pad sound yet [...]
Love that these huge artists at the top of their respective, yet vastly different genres, were determined to produce their music organically (i.e. using real instruments) and both arrived at the same solution to achieve what I assume is a similar synth sound they were both after on very different projects.

Link to Daft Punk interview for anyone interested:,97155.php

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