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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dagenspear View Post
No. "Some people" are pissed that they went to a movie for a badass gritty back to basics villain with a twisted morality, and got another loser douchebag with a stick up his ass for Tony Stark. And maybe you should stop with the generalisations before someone calls you out on you doing exactly what you're accusing others of. BK's Manderin looked white to me, spoke perfect english too, so I don't know where this "scary middle easterner" prejudiced ******** comes from. But it's nice that you and Shane Black know enough about us to make that judgement about our beliefs so that you can protect us from those scawy middle easterner stereotypes that have clearly and blatantly dominated this franchise. 'Cause, ya know, the slick white guy manipulator isn't a tired and annoying stereotype at all.
I agree to disagree and stand by my point. SOME people are upset that the actual villian didn't fit the stereotypical imagery that we were all fed. SOME people are also upset that they didn't get an alien magic ring wielding megalomanic with an obsession with Genghis Khan. I'm not picking on any one.

I'm a diehard Iron Man fan. Have been for years. Read the comics as a kid, followed the cartoons, went nuts when the first IM film came out and I got to see Shellhead on the big screen. I was hoping that after Avengers, maybe we'd get an adapted Mandarin with the rings. Instead, I got a Mandarin who took the stereotypes that have run unchecked in American culture since 9/11, used it to nearly pocket the President, seriously challenge Iron Man as a privatized deterrent, and do it in a way that breaks the fourth wall leaving the audience just as stunned as the characters they're watching to find out they've been trolled by their own subconcious.

THAT Mandarin was better than I had hoped for. And my point wasn't to antagonize anyone, just to say that I think the reactions I've seen since the movie released bear out the success of what was intended in the character.

Love it or hate it, that's your perrogative. I'm just sharing an opinion...

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