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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - Home Video (Blu-Ray/DVD) Release Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by TheWolverine View Post
Are you serious? Now the Prestige makes Jonathan Nolan better than Goyer? not all of Goyer´s work is top notch, but I think you are discarding amazing Goyer stuff just because of the Prestige.

The Prestige was an awesome movie, and could have been epic, but the cloning thing really ungrounded the whole movie.

Compare Goyer's screenplays Vs Jon's...

Goyer is a perfectionist... Take the Dark Knight. Is almost perfect and logical in every sense. He will hardly give material to find mistakes/flaws. And you ACTUALLY FEEL it on The Dark Knight. It FEELS REAL.

I believe everyone will agree that TDKR is the weakest link from the trilogy.

And dont get me wrong, it is an amazing movie, but Chris made us get used to perfection.
Goyer has only written one film of the trilogy(Batman Begins). He's worked on the story for all three films, but he's only written BB. And besides writing BB...the only great screenplays from him are Blade and Blade II(and Kickboxer 2 for me, but that's because it's a guilty pleasure of mine).

Bringing up TDK and how it's almost perfect've just given Jonathan Nolan some credit

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