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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
I'm going to just stop here and make these comments:

1. His physical look was as a Middle Eastern terrorist and anarchist. Wearing random clothing and accessories from all around the globe made the character work. It gave him a mysterious background.

2. He wore the rings and they were shown prominently multiple times in trailers and online featurettes. Not to mention Marvel opened the can of worms that is alien involvement in the Avengers. So what would keep him from having alien rings?

3. Ian McKellan as Magneto. He was in his late 60s for X-Men The Last Stand, and will be in Days of Future Past at the age of 74 (he turns 74 this month).

And for the record, I'm not saying to "stuff" the alien stuff in the movie. I'm just saying that because of Thanos, The Other and the Chutari, it would be PLAUSIBLE for Mandarin to have the rings. That was said to be the primary issue with using Mandarin in the first movies.
1)But the Mandarin isn't a bearded old Middle Eastern al-Qaeda terrorist. That's what you guys aren't getting about it. He was arguably less of the Mandarin than Killian was.

2)Those rings were clearly never going to be anything more than decoration. They looked like ornamental jewelry, nothing more. Knowing how excessive Marvel's advertisng is, you think we would have seen something.

They did open the can of worms with Avengers. But do you really want to see alien crap in EVERY movie from now on? It gets boring. We have an upcoming alien using pretty much the same powers in an Avenger sequel. That's my point.

3)Ian McKellan and Magneto was never a physical threat though. Mandarin is. He is an expert martial artist at his physical peak. Old people fighting CGI robots looks stupid. I don't think I am going against the grain on this.

Had Ben Kingsley been the true Mandarin the entire film, he would another speech giving puppetmaster. Iron Man fans wanted a physical threat and they got it.

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