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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 6

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
It is a bad double standard. Every minority comic book character, black, Latin, Asian, native American, Gay, Lesbian, etc.... All make their minority a major part of their character.... White characters don't have that.... Which sorta also makes that a "straight white first world problems" characteristic....

For those getting upset over others not wanting a black human torch... Consider this... Would you really be ok with an Asian superman? A black Bruce Wayne? A filipino wonder woman? A Latino Bruce Banner?

Sometimes being white does matter to a characterization. Sometimes it does not. But for iconic characters like Marvel's first family.... That started the silverage of comics.... Yeah...... Kinda does

Johnny Storm being adopted adds a completely different dynamic to the character which does indeed make him a completely different character... People are allowed to be fearful of that.
I have a lot of issues with this post, and I see these sentiments repeated all over this board. It's not a double standard to be angry when a minority character is played by a white person, because it's not the same as when a racial minority is cast as a white character. To argue otherwise you would have to completely ignore complex social systems of racial domination and the invisibility of whiteness.

Are you worried that casting Johnny Storm will be a gateway casting to more major characters being colour blind casted? How important is it for these characters to be white?

Whiteness is rarely important to the characterization of Marvel characters. Whiteness isn't ever acknowledged, because it doesn't have to be. It's the standard/norm and no one gives it a second glance. If whiteness is important to the Fantastic Four, then it's due to their emulation of an outdated standard of what family should be. And maybe this movie is moving away from that archaic definition of family?

I don't see how Johnny being adopted is going to change his character. He's still going to be Sue Storm's brother, he's still going to turn into fire, and he'll still have the same personality.

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