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Default Re: Best 3rd movie in a CBM franchise so far?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I feel the same way actually. With Iron Man 2, I don't think it could've been a better trilogy than TDK trilogy, but for that first hour, IM3 was really rising up to the occasion on possibly being a better third outing.

The film's idea should've been Mandarin really being Ben Kingsley and he bought Killian's Extremis project and using the "bad ones" as bombs for the Ten Rings without Killian knowing that Mandarin is really doing this, just him being caught up that someone bought his project and is caring for it, something Stark was never into at all, nor was Potts from their conversation earlier in the film.
I didnt mind the Mandarin twist, but I would have liked it if they had left it more open for Trevor to be the actual Mandarin either at the end or in a future movie. The character should be able to come back, but only the Mandarin from the final battle really has a chance.

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