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Default Re: What do you consider the best Superman stories?

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
Thanks for telling how it might be easier to locate, I'm still trying to find this show
That's a fun Superman show with a lot of fast paced sci-fi action/adventure. Even has original villains that I like. It's available here.

No love for Lois & Clark?
Not much. Teri Hatcher was cute as Lois and I liked how Dean Cain played Clark as a confident, aggressive reporter, I liked how the Kents were alive, I liked how the show had the triangle romantic tension between Lois and Clark and Superman, and there was some chemistry. But I feel Dean Cain lacked the authoritativeness and presence of Superman. John Shea was miscast as Luthor. They also cast 5' 10" Howie Mandell as the little imp Mister Mxyzptlk, Jeffersons sitcom star Sherman Hemsley as the Toyman and Perfect Strangers sitcom star Bronson Pinchot as the Prankster. They were obviously cast purely for comedy without any attempt at menace at all and showed little care for faithfulness to the source material. No Brainiac or Bizarro or Metello or Silver Banshee or even any good original villains. Casting and performances of the villains wasn't taken seriously and the show wasn't faithful enough to the source material for me as a whole. Overall I feel the show lacked the grandeur of Superman.

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