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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

Why are some people here so quick to vilify the cast?

Granted, everyone involved on both sides is rich and well off. However, these actors also have high living expenses, and the disparity in pay IS ridiculous.

Robert Downey Jr. reportedly got paid $50 million out of the movie's $1.5 billion box office. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast got paid in the neighborhood of...$200,000?

Relatively speaking, that IS ridiculous. Downey is the biggest star but I seriously doubt he was two hundred fifty times as critical to the movie as guys like Evans and Hemsworth.

From what the article is claiming, they want around $5 million up front (which is the amount that Hemsworth got from the much smaller Snow White). That really isn't ridiculous at all. The other actors want a small percentage of what Downey made, as opposed to a tiny percentage.

And while no actor is completely critical to the success of this franchise (even Downey), the same could be said for all the corporate suits sitting behind the scenes at Marvel. Were all of them THAT necessary for the movie? Why do people complain about the amount of money being raked in by the actors, but not the money going to the rich guys who don't even show up in the actual film?

Signing a contract does mean something, and if it comes down to it the contract is and should be binding. However, contracts are renegotiated. It's not a breach to simply discuss a raise. And normal people ask for raises all the time. I doubt that every single person who ever asked for a raise absolutely worked that much harder to earn it all. Or couldn't have made do with the money they had already been getting.

And finally, not even everyone has been signed yet. If Hemsworth is unsigned, and he can make way more than $200,000 doing any other film, then why should he be disparaged for wanting more?

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