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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

I agree Iron Man has been a "B" level character, till now, he was really only known by the hard core comic fans, but I have always felt he had the potential to be an A level character given the right nudge and 3 awesome sole films and the lead in Avengers has risen the character to that A level, i hear now kids walking through stores talking about Iron Man over Spider man or Batman or see people wearing Iron man t-shirts, he will never be the Batman or Superman level, but as a fan who followed the character from the late 70's on and not getting the recogniztion is pretty sweet.
As for his rogues, there are many who have potential to be awesome, just been bad writers, plus many of his rogues are cold war era villains who have really not been updated, but many would make great movie villains, Madam Masque, Living Laser, Crimson Dynamo, Spymaster & Ghost

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