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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
it will be a shame if we dont get a 3rd FC film, from what impressive cast they have they could make it work, with new characters, maybe even add gambit if you wanted to keep to origins timeline. Singer has said he feels first class is its on spin off the same as the wolverine films.
I don't thinks its a shame, not all good movies should get a sequel or turn into a series. If Origins: Wolverine was good, I'm pretty sure most fan-boys would be asking for a trilogy.

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
I think the future of the franchise lies with the FC cast. I don't want to see Xavier recasted because Patrick retires from acting only to have another 60 year old actor step fill Xavier's shoes. I don't want to see an aging core roster either. You need an infusion of youth. It would be crazy to abandon the core members from First Class. If say Magneto and Xavier work out their differences by the end of FC 3, then the entire OT can be retconned with a brand new threat, like Sinister and Apocalypse. And you can build off the cast of actors now in their primes, as opposed to throwing them out the window. Gambit would work. Add Cyke, Jean, Storm, along with Beast, and you are set in terms of the X-Men roster. Hell, you are set for another trilogy if they find the right young talent to fill these roles.
The problem with another First Class movie is its not gonna be marketable enough to sell a lot of tickets and earn big money at the box-office. Take out the original cast and bring back the cast of FC for the 8th X-Men movie and expect the box-office numbers to be lower than DOFP and the other X-Men movies.

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