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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

I find it really hard to believe that Marvel signed a deal with Hemsworth for a three picture deal (Thor, Avengers, Thor 2). Evans has a six picture deal - 3 Captain America's and 3 Avengers films.

Why would Marvel knowingly sign on someone that could only be in three movies? When getting Ruffalo to replace Norton, didn't they want to avoid the same mistake they made last time with having the actor replaced?

That being said, Marvel is being unreasonably stingy about their money. I know it's a business but seriously - they didn't want to "waste" their money on Oscars promotions? Jesus. Are they THAT obsessive about money where they would give up a chance of earning a prestigious (sortof) award? I guess so. And expecting the cast members to take anything below $1 million is crazy considering The Avengers made over 2 billion dollars. 2 BILLION DOLLARS.

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