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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Merlo View Post
I didn't anticipate this money issue that the cast has, it came out of the blue.
It came out of the blue to me because I couldn't believe they were making an amount as low a $200,000 compared to Downey's $50 million.

Is Evans really 0.4% as valuable as Downy is? Even Downey doesn't think so.

Why is Marvel even fighting this battle? Downey got his already and even acknowledges that he's been more than well paid. He's also on the side of his costars.

So when they renegotiate with Downey (who's also no longer under contract) how's about they NOT piss away an enormous amount on just him? I wouldn't rule out the possibility of him being reasonable if they also lowered their demands from him (such as no more solo movies, which he doesn't seem all that interested in).

Then they could take a portion of that same money and distribute it to the other major stars.

I'm sure contract negotiations are way more complicated than that. But this conflict seems ridiculous when Marvel has been QUITE willing to make it rain on Downey while giving everyone else less than half of one percent of his pay.

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