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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

It is really cool though how we have NEVER heard anything or gotten a hint about any of this from any of the actors. Evans to Downey to Hemsworth, right on down the line. They've handled it like total pros.

I really can't understand how Marvel would even consider letting any of these guys go over a financial dispute. It's not like they're looking for $20MM paydays. They're looking for like $5MM up front for a film that will likely make a BILLION dollars (and if not, consider it monies owed for the first film). You pay the 5 returning Avengers not named Tony Stark that $5MM and you have yourself one $25MM actor... or like an Angelina Jolie or Will Smith. Only you get to have 5 now iconic characters locked up and happy for another successful film. Why not bite that bullet?

I also wonder if Downey will make a move and maybe renegotiate where maybe he takes a pay cut from his "$70-$80MM" he made from The Avengers to leave some money available for the other cast members. Kind of like in sports where a player takes a "hometown discount" (i.e. Tom Brady) so that the team's ownership has money left over to build a better team around that marquee star.

Characters who need to be in the next film are:
Downey's Tony Stark/Iron Man
Hemsworth's Thor
Evans' Captain America
Johansson's Black Widow
Jackson's Nick Fury
Ruffalo's Bruce Banner/Hulk

These characters all have to appear in the film. They are the most popular and now, after the first film and their solo efforts, the most iconic of the group. If they lose or can't afford Renner for Hawkeye, he can be written out of the film and replaced. But these guys Marvel cannot afford to let walk. The same goes for Hiddleston's Loki if he were to appear.

These actors own these roles. Don't let dollars ruin the present, modern golden-age of superhero films. They are RAKING in money. The actors deserve to get their share, too. It would be a terrible shame if this whole thing were to come down because of something so stupid as greed. Especially after all the good will the studio and talents seemed to have through this whole process to this point.


My posts are facts, not opinion. Enjoy.

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