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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Robin91939
I really can't understand how Marvel would even consider letting any of these guys go over a financial dispute. It's not like they're looking for $20MM paydays. They're looking for like $5MM up front for a film that will likely make a BILLION dollars. You pay the 5 returning Avengers not named Tony Stark that $5MM and you have yourself one $25MM actor... or like an Angelina Jolie or Will Smith. Only you get to have 5 now iconic characters locked up and happy for another successful film. Why not bite that bullet?
Exactly. Every other major studio would be fine paying $25 million for an A-lister, and not even make a third of the money that The Avengers did.

I understand that movies are a business, which is something that I've brought up myself on numerous forums whenever I've seen fanboys whining about why things weren't a certain way.

But in business, your pay must be competitive. Otherwise, you risk losing a star to another studio that wants to pay him way more to appear in a forgettable romantic comedy.

Would something like that really help Marvel?

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