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Default Re: Ideas for the new costume in the Batman reboot

Yes, the camera doesn't do it justice, but at the same time there are two different types of material used on the main pieces, one is shiny and one is dull. I would have liked to have done it with the dull one, but ran out of material and can't find it anymore.

As for the mannequin, I work with what I have, if you know what I mean. This whole thing started because I make tactical gear for airsoft players. I have been trying to develop a Juggernaut style body armor and this was the first phase of that idea. The second phase can be found here.

I am still working on the Juggy suit, but it is an on again/off again type of project.

When I wear the costume, I wear a body suit under the armor pieces, to complete the look, but the body suit is not pictured on the mannequin. The pieces displayed on the mannequin are the armor, in case I didn't make that very clear.

Marvel, it reminds me more of the Kingdom Come suit; in fact, the actor even kind of looks like the Batman/Bruce Wayne pictured in that series. There is a group on You Tube called Bat in the Sun that creates these fan made movies, they do an excellent job and capture the essence of the characters perfectly. Here are a few of their films.

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