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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I agree with that, I've brought it up a few times before in discussions with people. As far as I know he wasn't very popular til the first solo film blew up, so I fully understand how they've changed his villains, including Mandarin who is a B+ villain at best, to fit into a realistic movie world. I'm happy with what we've gotten in his 3 solo outings for sure.
Yeah, when they started the first Iron Man movie, a big newspaper wrote something like Marvel now using their B-heroes because they are running out of ideas for the "good ones"...

But I disagree with the rest. If Iron Man is a B hero and has only a B or C rogues gallery, the biggest mistake you could make is raping the only villain he has who stands out a little bit.

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