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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
3. However, at the same time, DC Comic Book films supposedly have the luxury of being able to financially back up their films and their cast/crew while places like Marvel Studios aren't so fortunate apparently as they wish to go about things as cheaply as they can.
They are owned by Disney, they have plenty of backing if need be. The issue as I see it is autonomy. Marvel Studios had a business model before they were purchased by Disney and got used to doing things a certain way. It probably gives them more creative freedom by sticking to their plan and not allowing costs to escalate on actors salaries. Disney's weight has really showed up in the marketing/multi platform aspect. The more they become dependant on Disney the more creative input they'd likely have (and Marvel lose). Whether that is a good or bad thing would depend on the people in place.

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