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Default Re: The villain(s) of IM4 thread

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Oooh. Had a pretty cool idea for Crimson Dynamo.

What if somehow Stark was sent back in time to like, 1970 and got to meet his dad. Somehow Anton Vanko (Ivan's father) got ahold of miniaturized arc reactor tech and made a Crimson Dynamo suit. So Tony and Howard had to team up to fight him in 1970s tech Iron Man armors!
Ive actually thought of something similar in the past, I would like that. I would like for future iron man films to delve deeper into the higher concept sci if aspects. tony is a genius, lets watch him experiment. One of the reasons why I still really want to see the technovore in an iron man movie, I think if you make like a terminator xenomorph type monster it could make for an refreshing departure from the other iron man villains we've seen on film.

Originally Posted by UltimateJustin View Post
To alot of people, especially kids my age who grew up in Bush's America, TDK is kind of like our Woodstock. I'm not an idiot.
Welcome to the hype, we hate fun #gategate #SeriousBusiness
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