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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
I get that money is an issue and the training thing is probably also a huge pain in the ass, but these rumors are still hugely disappointing, especially in relation to Hemsworth's trepidation about coming back. Marvel made your frickin' career, and you're gunna be pissed that they're only willing to pay the amount agreed to in your contract?? I'd think the smaller actors would be willing to work with Marvel because of the chance the studio took on them. RDJ should be pretty willing too, considering Marvel gave him his old career back as well.

And I'm sorry, but I couldn't feel any less sympathy over these stories about millionaires whining because they want millions more to act on camera or play a sport

I understand it would suck to train so much, but f***in' boo hoo, it's what you get paid for, I'm very disappointed in Mr. Hemsworth if this is all true
The question is why the rich owners of the company should get it instead, when they obviously pay their actors less than they are worth? Chris earned 20 times as much for Snow White and the Huntsman, which didn't exactly do as well as TA. So it's not about if they need more money or not, it's about why the richer people that don't actually work on the movies deserve to get all the benefits of the movies doing better than expected.

The topic of them not needing more money is, while true, a slippery slope since I can't justify how I can sit here and complain about movies and so on when people starve and work for less than $1 per day in other parts of the world.

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