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Default Re: THOR: THE DARK WORLD - GIFs/Avatars Thread

Originally Posted by voyzovrezon View Post
I didn't know about the first one. I saw it on DVD 2D. But I think studios will continue to make them as long as they make money. Fast action is hard for me to watch in that mode.
Yes, they still bring in money so it's worth it, but I agree that 2D is better. Just the fact that the lack of focus on the background prevents me from deciding for myself what I'm looking at makes me choose 2D.

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Post-coverted 3D movies tend to make me sick. I only see 3D these days if it was intentionally filmed that way with 3D cameras.
That's surprising. I didn't think you could tell the difference between the two if the post-conversion was done well. There are after all several filmmakers that seem to think that 3D cameras don't work well, like Joss Whedon who started out with that on The Avengers but changed his mind when the results came out bad and he saw what post-conversion can look like when done right.

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