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Default Re: Your Biggest Superhero Movie Pet Peeves

Originally Posted by johnrain View Post
Using the same actors who starred in previous comic book movies as other characters.

For instance Chris Evans played the Human Torch and Captain America.
Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool and Green Lantern.
Halle Berry played Storm and Catwoman.
Before Deadpool, RR even played a character in Blade Trinity, it doesn't bother me honestly, I think it's rather fun

Cameron Diaz played the crush of Stanley Ipkiss and the Secretary of the Green Hornet
Nicholas Cage portrayed Ghost Rider and Big Daddy
Jim Carrey will be playing a third character in a third comic to movie franchise in Kick-Ass 2
Tommy Lee Jones played 2-Face and Agent K
The guy who played Gavin in Joss Wehdon's 'Angel' played minor roles in both the 2k3 Hulk and Spider-Man 2
Kirsten Dunst played MJ in Raimi's Spider-Man and a character in the third Crow movie

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