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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by Mace Dolex View Post
Hulk by Ang Lee, after Spider-Man and X-Men the Hulk was like Marvel's #2 superhero that the expectations for a live action CGI Hulk were very high that in the end while decent acting by some Nick Nolte's crazed David Banner didn't make any sense especially the end interrogation when he just goes ape ***** in the military compound.
If only he wasn't a jumping fella in his opinion
I enjoy the movie these days, it was a disappointment, but it's fine now

As for second tiers like Elektra, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, Fantastic Four their poor performances weren't surprising since they're terrible characters to begin with.
You never liked Catwoman? Selina Kyle?
Fantastic Four are fine, I think the characters deserve more respect

Originally Posted by BATZARRO WWD View Post
I guess I'm the only jerk who had high hopes for Steel?
I didn't expect a thing, all I knew of him before watching his movie is what I saw of him in Superman the Nimated Series
I like the movie quite a bit

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