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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

A good way to contrast the two characters (which would be even more magnified if Rebecca Romijn's Mystique was in this film) is if we see Mystique still friends with Prof X in the 70's and the relationship that she has as his protege x-girl and then cut to the future and have Storm his successor as his protege. Would explain why Mystique was so bitter towards storm in the X-trilogy and like I said it would work better if Rebecca's mystique was in this. But maybe if the entire X-Men of the future travel back to the past or if just the Professor does we can see his more distant relationship towards Mystique whom he knows will turn against him. Maybe even have her meet Storm and have slightly bitter and jealous. A fight between the two would be fun to watch. That's if Mystique has grown to become way more skilled in battle then she was in FC otherwise she'd be obliterated by Storm. Wouldn't be a fun fight.

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