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Default Re: Why Mark Ruffalo?

Yeah, I like Norton and Ruffalo. I agree that their different takes on the character reflected how Bruce Banner had changed.

Norton's Banner had been hiding for years, kept away from his girlfriend and living in constant fear of losing control. It made sense for him to be quieter, giving off hints of torment.

Ruffalo's Banner is a front. He learned to take greater control over the Hulk, as depicted at the end of the 2008 movie. However, the cost of that is that he's "always angry." Ruffalo puts on a friendly, pleasant, and mild-mannered facade that's more capable of humor. However, his words are carefully chosen for effect, and he's very aware of the terrible power that he has over others.

I love the Banner/Widow scene in India as well. The way he carries himself there shows so much about him.

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